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Short Fridays #13: ‘Ataque de Pánico!’ and ‘Gisèle Kérozène’

Jan Kouren's Gizele Kerosene.

I met the news that Evil Dead is going to be sequelised/remade/rebooted this week with a depressing apathy, considering I would have as early as a couple of years ago been feverishly excited at the prospect of a new Evil Dead film. Unfortunately the announcement left me a bit cold, probably for the following reasons:


Breaking Bad: It’s Fucking Good

It really is.

If you're a newcomer and haven't seen it, I'd like to direct you towards this article wrote for Den of Geek on why it's been tragically overlooked in the UK.

If you are following along, I'm reviewing the latest series episode by episode on Den of Geek, starting with the first episode which you can find here.

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Michael Caine watches the Jack and Jill trailer

This is me experimenting with a) After Effects, and b) jumping on meme bandwagons.

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Short Fridays #12: ‘Broments in Love’

So this Short Friday will be a little different, obviously.

I uploaded a mash-up I had created of moments culled from movies that center around tense, unconsummated male romances to YouTube on Monday, and thanks to some high profile supporters, it seems that 'Broments in Love' (kudos to Edgar Wright for the title, by the way) has gone viral – maybe we’re not talking 'Outbreak' viral just yet, but 28,000 views in under four days is at least enough to give you a migraine and the shits for a while.

On the YouTube page there have been few requests for the list of films used in the clip, so without further ado, here they are (in order):