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Go check out the Den of Geek revamp

With apologies to The Shiznit.

And here it is. More like Den of 'Chic', amiright?

As you can see, my pals over at Den of Geek have just relaunched the site with a new design, handily also complete with comments that actually work.

I’m not saying the previous site was hard on the eye or the comment system was fiendishly difficult to get to grips with, but both of those things (that I didn't say) are absolutely accurate, so when all's told I may as well have said them and reduced this sentence length by two-thirds, and by proxy your time spent reading it. But this isn't a 'perfect world'.

Handily, I’ve written a whole bunch of articles for the site recently, so please go check them out in the splendiferous new surrounding (and check out the new comments while you’re at it).

"Christmas Poo" seems like a long time ago.

First up, here’s a couple of big articles on everybody’s favourite filthy libertarians over at South Park. The first is a general overview of how South Park has managed to last as long as it has, while the second is a top ten of the ‘ballsiest’ episodes in the show’s history.

I guess THE HOBBIT really does look different in 48 fps.

Then, most recently, I wrote on the HOBBIT 48fps controversy, which managed to kick off a fight even in the old, broken comment system. So check that out.

Also, coming up this week there’ll be a feature from me on one of the most beloved comedy films of all time – will update with the link as and when it goes live.

Breaking Bald, more like!

Otherwise, you can check out my archive of stuff here, including my in-depth recaps and reviews of Breaking Bad series four, which you can read in preparation for the premiere of the fifth and final series in July.

And of course, don’t forget to check out the works of all the other talented, funny, virile* writers who write there.