Kill the Giggler


These are videos I have made.

DRIVE: The Controversial Trailer

There has been a well-publicised lawsuit against the makers of DRIVE by an American woman alledging that 1) the trailer made the film look way more action-packed than it was, and 2) it was anti-semetic with its villains presented as crude jewish stereotypes. I took it upon myself to make the trailer that this lady must have seen in her insane mind's eye.

Cigarette Burns presents: VIDEODROME

Trailer I made for a Cigarette Burns screening of the great VIDEODROME at the Rio Cinema on 21st October 2011. An underrated Springsteen track, this.

Cigarette Burns presents: The FEMALE CONVICT SCORPION trilogy

Yeah, there are four FEMALE CONVICT films. But there are only clips from the first three in this trailer because we only showed these first three at the Rio on 21st September 2011, and considering it started at midnight I think four might have killed everyone present. Fantastic night though, as the hallucinatory insanity of the three (very different) is well complimented by a spot of sleep deprivation.

SCOTT PILGRIM: The 1st Anniversary Remix

This AWARD-WINNING video was made for a contest run by fellow hairy west-country nerd Edgar Wright, where the music was supplied by cut-up king Osymyso and the visuals were up to us. My video won (PROOF!), and before you ask what my prize is, I don't know because as of November 2011 I still haven't received it yet, possibly because it's SO AWESOME Edgar has been working on it non-stop since August.

Michael Caine watches the JACK AND JILL trailer

Pretty self-explanatory. I wanted to have a go at doing something in After Effects, and the George C Scott video had just come out. The sound you can hear at the beginning is me twisting my ankle as I land awkwardly on the bandwagon.

Broments in Love

I made this because I finally got my hands on some editing software and wanted to make something quick and fun. It got a quite a few views on YouTube after My Best Mate Edgar Wright posted it on his blog. Through editing this video and repeated plays of Tango in the Night in the car when I was a kid, I've probably heard 'Everywhere' more times than any other song. I have no regrets.